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Italian Auctions June 2018

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The beginning of the month featured national auctions of modern and contemporary art, which achieved excellent results and confirm the market trend that sees the figurative and sculpture sector growing.

Il Ponte, thanks to a very accurate catalog edited by Freddy Battino, has achieved a remarkable result with sales that have exceeded 6 and a half million euros with a sales rate of 90% in lots and has also set new records for the artists Antonio Sanfilippo, Irma Blank, Mario Negri, Emilio Scanavino.

The latter with the work “Triumph of death” reached € 140,000 from a starting estimate of € 70-100,000.

During the auction, Palazzo Crivelli was crowded with collectors and dealers from all over the world and many foreigners also participated by telephone, especially from China, Japan and Russia.

Top lot of the evening “White surface – 2 – II” the work of 1977 by Enrico Castellani that from an estimate of 200-250 thousand euros has flown to 450 thousand euros including auction rights, a sale that suggests the recovery of the market of a great master who passed away recently.

Enrico Castellani, “White surface – 2 – II”, 1977

Acrylic on stretched canvas

100 x 120 cm


Emilio Scanavino, “The Triumph of Death”, 1961

Oil painting on canvas

200 x 300 cm


Blindarte of Naples (total auction € 1,400,000 including fees) stands out for two sales in particular: “Portrait of the Princess Giovanna Pignatelli d’Aragona Cortés”, the highly sought-after screen-print by Andy Warhol of 1975, which from an estimate of € 120,000-180,000 reached the 210,000 euros including fees.

“Opening”, the work of 1983 by Richard Hambleton, was awarded to an American collector for 185,000 euros (including fees) against the initial estimate of 7-10 thousand euros.

It can be said that he is one of the protagonists of the auctions of this spring, given that on 26 June another of his works, “As the world burns” will be auctioned by Artcurial for € 474,000 (price including expenses) with an initial estimate of just 120-150 thousand euros.

Andy Warhol, “Portrait of Princess Giovanna Pignatelli d’Aragona Cortés”, 1975

Acrylic and screen printing on canvas

66 x 56 cm


Richard Hambleton, “Opening”, 1983

Acrylic on canvas

217 x 139 cm


This also a very positive period for the auction house Wannenes Art Auctions, which closes at 1,147,410 euros including fees.

Also in this case, the sales confirm a growing trend for magic realism and figurative painting, as shown by the excellent result obtained by Antonio Vonghi’s “Vase of flowers” of 1936, which reaches 56,250 euros including fees, from an estimate of € 40-50,000.

Protagonist announced – the work was on the cover of the catalog – Alighiero Boetti, awarded for € 137,000 including fees with “Melting like snow in the sun”, small white embroidery from 1988: award record of the smallest work ever sold at auction and figure never reached by a total white Boetti on the public market. The tapestry started from an estimate of € 20,000-30,000.

Alighiero Boetti, “Melting like snow in the sun”, 1988

Embroidery on fabric

20 x 21,5 cm


Farsetti Arte di Prato, with its auctions held on 8 and 9 June, reached a total of 4,000,000 euros including fees.

Artists renown internationally, now historicized and representing a solid and safe investment, far from the cautious speculations of the art market, were presented at the auction.

Spearhead Alberto Savinio who, with the oil on canvas “Pégase”, is awarded 272,200 euros including fees, was initially estimated of 200-300 thousand euros.

The small work of mixed technique on paper by Alberto Burri, “Combustion T. n. 7″of 1959, as often happens, exceeded the maximum estimate reaching € 204,950, including fees.

Alberto Burri, “Combustion T. n. 7”, 1959

Paper, acrylic, vinavil, burning on paper

35,5 x 26,6 cm


Alberto Savinio, “Pègase”, 1930

Oil painting on canvas

74 x 92 cm


Pandolfini closed the auction on 11 June at € 1,201,542 including fees, and at 65% sale rate in lots.

Among the works on auction, three works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, typical “postcards” of the early 1980s depicting themes dear to the artist, were awarded for € 93,750, € 62,500 and € 131,250 respectively (lots 82-83-84; expenses included) for a total of almost 300,000 euros.

Sebastian Matta, the Chilean artist, a point of reference for Italian abstractionism, also reached excellent results with the work “Tu beninteso cascellato” of 1963 sold for € 56,250 from an estimate of € 40,000-60,000.

Mario Schifano reached 31,250 euros with the large work “Untitled” depicting palms and hearts.

The sculpture section features Giò Pomodoro’s bronze “Marat, volume sculpture ” was sold for € 47,500 from an estimate of € 40,000-60,000.

Sebastian Matta, “Tu beninteso cascellato”, 1963

Colored sand on canvas reproduced on panel

120 x 175 cm


Giò Pomodoro, “Marat”, volume sculpture, 70s


180 x 60 x 60 cm


Jean-Michel Basquiat, “Untitled”, 1982

Lot 82

Acrylic, oil and organic pigments on postcard

17,78 x 12,7 cm


Jean-Michel Basquiat, “Untitled”, 1981

Lot 84

Acrylic, oil and organic pigments on postcard

17,78 x 12,7 cm


Jean-Michel Basquiat, “Untitled (Everlast)”, 1982

Lot 83

Acrylic, oil and organic pigments on postcard

17,78 x 12,7 cm



The shades of the rainbow of art are infinite: choose your favorite!